Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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ABC's Of ME:

1. A: is for age: 30 (31 in 2 months)
2. B: is for beer of choice: Yucky, don't drink
3. C: is for what you can't wait for right now: For a trip to Hawaii
4. D: is for dogs name: No dogs, 1 fish though
5. E: is for essential item you use everyday: WATER
6. F: is for favorite TV show: 30 Minute Meals, $40 A Day
7. G: is for favorite game: Chinese Checkers
8. H: is for Home Town: San Diego, CA , born in Oakland, CA
9. I: is for instruments you play: piano
10. J: is for favorite juice: Orange
11. K: is for whose butt you'd like to kick: mine, to start running more distance runs, longer than 3 miles
12. L: is for the last food you ate: oatmeal with raisins, yogurt and a protein shake
13. M: is for marriage, married 5 1/2 years will be 6 years on December 8
14. N : is for you name: Danielle Maximo Johnston ( maiden Thomas)
15. O: is for overnight hospital stays: in '76 for my birth and stayed for a week, for the birth of
of my kids, with Allyson for 5 days for Thomas 2 days, then to have an ovarian csyts removal 3 days
16. P: is for people you can't live without: My Family & God
17. Q: is for qoute: " In my hands, I hold today...In my dreams, I hold tomorrow...In my faith, I hold forever."
18. R: is for Biggest Regret: I don't think of mistakes as regrets, just lessons learned.
19. S: is for status: Mom
20. T: is for time you woke up today: 6 am, that's sleeping late
21. U: is for the underwear you have on now: light blue bikini
22. V: is for vegetable you love: snap peas, asparagus, zucchini
23. W: is for worst habit: nail bitter
24. X: is for x-rays you've had: for an ovarian cysts, sprained elbow
25: Y: is for yummy food you ate today: Chicken Udon (japanese noodle dish)
26: Z: is for the zodiac sign: Virgo


priscilla tilgner said...

A trip to hawaii i need one of those too! I'm still waiting! it was fun reading this and getting ot know you a little better through it!

Sharon said...

I found your blog! : )

It was fun to read your "ABC's" and get to know you even better!

Joshua & Valerie said...

Cool! You did it, too! :)