Thursday, October 4, 2007

Let's Journey Into Cables....

I have taken a dive into trying to knit cables...I've started with a small backpack for are some start picture:
This is the half way point of the mini backpack, which will be big enough to store a couple of traveling toys and a bottle of water or juice:

Here is closer view of the pattern:

This is a close up of the cables, the style is called Ice Storm:

I am making Thomas' Army Man Blanket a two sided blanket with one side being done in the same cable pattern, as Allyson's backpack, with a solid brown and the cammo print in Stockinette Stitch pattern, which is knitting one row, purling the next row. Then I will crochet them together to make a double thick blanket. Thomas is very excited to watch the progress of his blanket being made.

Stay tuned for my next adventure in knitting...Socks...

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priscilla tilgner said...

holy moly! you are way good at this stuff! way to go girl!