Monday, October 22, 2007

Remembering the Wild Fire of 2003

Watching the news today brought back a flood of memories of the Wild Fire of October 2003. The Wild Fire of 2007 is hitting the same areas that were hit in 2003. We lived about 2.5 miles away from the Miramar Base which the fire hit hard. I was 5 months pregnant with Thomas and Allyson was 15 months old. We woke up that morning to what looked like morning fog...I was in the kitchen making Allyson breakfast and looked out the window, I told Mark, "Wow. it's really foggy outside." Then he told Allyson come on lets go look at the fog and get the newspaper while Mommy gets breakfast ready. They came back inside and Mark said "Turn on the TV, that's not fog, there is a fire." We switched on the TV and all over the news was the big fire. Our area was on notice to be ready to evacuate. We stayed glued to the TV most of the morning. When they said that Miramar Base was going to be evacuated, we started packing. We packed some clothes, our photo albums, some of Allyson's favorite toys, and the important papers. At this time we also had our computer business. Our office was about a quarter mile from the Miramar Base. Mark said he was going to shut down all the servers and then we were leaving. We stayed with my inlaws for about two weeks, they live in Oceanside, CA. Mark brought Allyson and myself to my inlaws then went back to the Clairemont area for my mom, since the smoke and ash was getting so bad, and being pregnant on top of that, it was really hard for me to breathe. We got through the fire without extensive damage to our house or office building. Most of the damage was soot and ash to clean up after wards. But even when the fire was contained and put out, most of San Diego remained like a ghost town for weeks after.
And watching the same areas hit's going to be like a ghost town again.
My prayers go out the fire fighter and families going through this tragedy again...


momaof4 said...

My Mom is down in Cali, LA area, right now helping my Aunt. In-laws leave soon for vacation. I don't think they are seeing clear sky's.

The pictures of the houses were crazy!! It is hard to think whole neighborhoods are gone.

Alida said...

I remember being in grade school and watching big pieces of ash just floating down onto the playground. I was pregnanct too in 2003 and remember the hot Santa Ana winds and the tightness in my chest.

Yes definitely keeping the firefighters and families in prayer!

ChickideeLilly said...

What a story. It really brings it home for me. When nature has it's way there is no stopping it. Thank you for the reminder. I hope your family is okay down there.

Joshua & Valerie said...

How scary that must have been for your family! I just spent this morning with Josh's cousin and her two kids who flew up from Irvine to escape the fires. They didn't have to evacuate, but the smoke was so thick down was getting in their house.

Really, Danielle, that must have been so difficult to leave your house unsure if you'd ever be back to it!!