Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Christmas Giveaway....

Christmas Giveaway 2007 Sweepstakes

Tis the season for giving...I got this off of the web site 5 minutes for mom where you can enter in a variety of contests for chances at some holiday prizes for your little ones.

On another is the start of the holiday season. Yesterday we trekked out on an adventure to start some Christmas shopping...
This year I am going to make most of my holiday our first stop was Michael's Arts and Craft store out in Keizer. And this is what I found:
Yarn for Mark's Hat:
Yarn for Thomas' hat:
Yarn for Allyson's hat:
Yarn and start of hat for my brother in-law Jeff:
Yarn for dishcloths:
Now it's time to start working on all these projects. I will post finished projects as they are completed.

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Her Giant said...

So cool that you're making your gifts this year. You rock, lady.