Saturday, April 19, 2008

what happened to spring?

We've gone from 70s and days of this:

To today in the 40s and we woke up this morning to this:

So my question is what happened to spring and the days of sunshine? When will they come back?


Sharon said...

Isn't it just crazy! I never would have imagined last Saturday as I basked in the warm sunshine watching Greta's softball practice, that the very next Saturday her game would be cancelled due to snow! You gotta love the Pacific NW, huh?! : )

Meghan said...

I am certainly baffled by this weather! I can't say I don't enjoy it though...Snow is my favorite, even if it doesn't stick. There is just something magical and peaceful about snow, just LOVE IT!

priscilla tilgner said...

asap!-I hope! I'm catching a serious case of Cabin fever! Seriously. Hey when the sun is out again we should have a play date! i NEED TO CATCH UP WITH YOU!

priscilla tilgner said...