Monday, August 25, 2008

Knitting Away...

Here is the dress and hat that I made for little Leila:

Blanket and Hat for Kari's little boy:

Winter Hat for Allyson:

Blanket for Victoria (a friend of our's in San Diego):

Dress for MaKayla's 2nd birthday:

Tank Tops for the 4th of July:

Now I am starting to work on blankets for the winter. I am making Thomas this blanket. It will have a border in black, and the center will be camo print (another army man blanket) which he wants for nap time at school. For Allyson I'm working on two blankets the first one is this and her other blanket will be this.

I think this winter I'm going to try to figure out how to make sweaters. :)


momaof4 said...

Thinking we need to have a baby for some of this goodness :)

I know a site for sweaters I will e-mail it to you.

Kristin said...

You have been busy!! I love your goodies! :)

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Sharon said...

Oh my goodness! Your fingers must have smoke billowing from them! Beautiful creations!!

Lynds said...

Gee! Those needles sure have been a clicking and clacking! Gorgeous FO's!!!

I spent a few years being terrified of sweaters and decided one year that I would not be beat by a sweater. So I made one for Will, and it's not hard at all!

My tips if you wanna hear them (here I am offering my opinion without it being asked, feel free to toss tomatoes at me), is to do a raglan style, in the round, top down. If you need some ideas on patterns feel free to ask and I'll give you a hand. But that makes for minimal (to no) seaming (which is nice cause sweaters can have a TON), and top down means you can adjust the length as needed.

Lynds said...

Hey Danielle, I don't think I have your email address, if you want to email you can find mine on my blog (right hand side labeled - mail me) right at the top.

School Spirit Sweater I used this pattern for Will's.
Drive-Thru I hope to make this pattern this year, supposed to be an impressive knit that is easy to do. I'm a fan of that kinda knit. ;)

Knitting Pure and Simple I haven't tried any of these, but I'd say its a highly recommended pattern. Usually on forums, "first time sweater knitter, top down, no seams..." "oh you want Knitting Pure and Simple!" As I haven't found them in PDF format (nor at my local yarn store) I've never tried them. Im a fan of PDF.

Also google "child placket neck sweater" I plan to make this one as well, it's actually free because there was errors in the book, so use the corrected version if you decide to make it.

Joshua & Valerie said...

We LOVE the dress you made for Makayla!! You are a great knitter!! Thanks!!!!

Their Giant said...

Kari's boy is very excited to see if his giant head fits in that hat :)

You're one talented mama!