Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another batch of finished projects....

A black hat for Thomas, I used the black yarn left over from his latest blanket. The little dude is going to have more hats and blankets, since there is not really much that I can make for him to wear just yet.

And here is Thomas' latest blanket, which is now his favorite:

Hat and blanket for Jonas Camillo:

Two hats for Operation Christmas Child: we are doing this through our MOPS group, for more information check out this website: Samaritan's Purse


Lynds said...

Great knits! What kind of stitch/pattern is on the blanket? It looks really neat!

Team Johnston said...

Hey Lynds~
The one for Jonas is a k2,p2 rib with a row of garter every 3rd row, and the one for Thomas is squares, kinda like a checker board.
~Danielle :)