Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Thursday...

1. The joy of spring break, according to Allyson...

a. I get to sleep in!!!
b. I can play whenever I want, inside or outside with my friends.
c. I get my mommy and daddy to myself all day, because my brother still had to go to school.
One thing I'm happy for is that on Monday they both have to go back to school. I can then catch up on my housework.

2. I missed last weeks post so here is my favorite picture from St. Patrick's Day:

Everyone loved their outfits I made for them.

3. Please continue to pray for peace and comfort for the King family, as Darian continues his battle with cancer. You can keep updated on his condition here.

Hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday!

1 comment:

Lynds said...

Cute St. Patty picture! You've got yourself a lot of WIP's!

I agree with Allyson, spring is nice, especially with the inside or outside with friends!

I gave you a bloggy award over on my blog for being so great, check it out :)