Monday, September 17, 2007

The Arrival of Madeleine & Scarlett Heikkila

To answer the question of my works in progress column: Madeleine and Scarlett are two beautiful and precious gifts from God to my friend Lorraine and her husband Jason. Lorraine and Jason have gone through many miscarriages over the last 4 years. And on August 16, 2007 they were blessed with two beautiful and healthy baby girls.

Madeleine Patrice was born at 8:40pm weighing in at 6lbs. 15oz.

Scarlett Lucia came at 9:16pm weighing in at 7lbs. 6oz.

They were both 20 inches long.

They have a very proud big brother Austin who is 4 1/2.

Here is a pictures of the girls their first night at the hospital:

Here is a picture of their first night at home (Scarlett is the one on the left)

Congratulations Lorraine , Jason & Austin!!!


Joshua & Valerie said...

Oh! They are BEAUTIFUL! So angelic looking!!

Infertility is something that just tugs at my heart strings. I'm so glad that your friend and her husband were able to have chidren again!

Sharon said...

That is precious! They're beautiful girls...and pretty big for twins, too!

Leslie said...

What sweet pictures! What fun you'll have watching them grow up too. I'm so glad your friend made it through her struggles.

Your blog looks neato!

Glory Laine said...

Yeah for twins! I love the names! H

Hosmerita said...

What cute babies! Aww my little man is growing too fast. Makes me want mo... never mind, so cute.
Good sizes for twinnos!