Friday, September 14, 2007

How Do You Fit It In?: A Blast With Ryke

To Follow Leslie's lead here is my exercise story:
Growing up I was the tomboy of the group...I wanted to run and play with the boys instead of really playing with dolls. And that is where it all started...
I always had a love for sports: running, surfing, swimming, soccer, volleyball. In junior high I loved P.E. especially when we had to run, I love to distance run.
In high school I took up cross country, track and field and soccer. I also got to mix in surfing & swimming. My cross country coach would take us for runs on the beach and when we were done we would go surfing and swimming. An extra plus for living in Southern California, my high school was a three mile run to the beach, that was every one's favorite run! :) The most torturous run we had was to run to Mount Soledad ( back to school. That was an entirely up hill run. About 20 miles round trip.

When I graduated high school I took up martial arts. I attended White Dragon School of Martial Arts: ( There I received 3 degree blue belt. There I also kept with my distance running. And met my husband.

And now after two little munchkins I am back to running and going to gym. I go to the gym at least 3 days a week and run on my own at home everyday. All in all I Love to RUN!!

So how do you fit in exercise?
Thanks for the tip Leslie!:)

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Sharon said...

Wow! Surfing? That is very cool...I've never tried it before. I was a team sport type 'o gal, never much of a runner. My daughter loves it, though! I still play softball and volleyball, and I love to play tennis, soccer and basketball with the girls.