Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Favorite Jeans....

Leslie~You are not the only one with a favorite piece of clothing. Here are my most favorite pair of jeans.

I have had these jeans for about 10 years now. And I love the way they fit, even though now they are a little baggy I just can't seem part with them. I maybe holding on to them for sentimental reasons though. I still wear them now even though the bottoms are frayed along with the top, and I'm about to lose a belt loop. But I still wear them.
I was wearing these jeans when I first met my husband, the day that he proposed to me, the day I found out I was pregnant with Allyson. And I ended up wearing them until I was about 4 months pregnant with Allyson, then they got too tight for my growing belly. I was able to wear them home after having Allyson. I was also wearing them the day I found out I was pregnant with Thomas.
So here's to everyone's favorite piece of clothing!!!


Ona said...

Those are "sentimental" jeans :) Wow...10 years???

Mrs. Ranch said...

Seriously-you were able to wear them home after giving birth?? You are amazing. I'm sure that is a feat not accomplished very often in the human race.

Thanks for posting your favorite I KNOW I'm not alone.

mcmom said...

OH dear!!! That is so impresive that you could wear these home after giving birth. I always feel like I SHOULD be able to wear my old clothes right after giving birth, but that hasn't been the way it has worked out.