Saturday, November 17, 2007

Spiritual Saturdays...

I have been reading Max Lucado's book Facing Your Giants and ran into a very interesting chapter regarding family, here is a passage from the book:

"Too busy. Too important. Too guilty. And now? Too late. A dozen exits too late. But it's not too late for you. Your home is your giant-size privilege, your towering priority. Do not make David's tragic mistake. How would you respond to the questions we asked him?

1) How is your marriage?

~On your wedding day, God loaned you his work of art: an intricately crafted, precisely formed masterpiece. He entrusted you with a one-of-a-kind creation. Value her. Honor him. Having been blessed with a Testore, why fiddle around with anyone else?
*David missed this. He collected wives as trophies. He saw spouses as a means to his pleasure, not a part of God's plan. Don't make his mistake. Be fiercely loyal to one spouse. Fiercely loyal. Don't even look twice at someone else. You've made a promise. Keep it.

2) How are things with your kids?

~Be numbered among them. Read books to your kids. Play ball while you can and they want you to. Make it your aim to watch every game they play, read every story they write, hear every recital in which they perform. Children spell love with four letters: T-I-M-E. Not just quality time, but hang time, downtime, anytime, all the time. Your children are not your hobby; they are your calling.

Your spouse is not your trophy but your treasure.

Make your wife the object of your highest devotion. Make your husband the recipient of your deepest passion. Love the one who wears your ring.

And cherish the children who share your name.

Succeed at home first."

~Chapter 17: Family Matters Max Lucado Facing Your Giants

I found this to be very powerful. That everything starts at home. To live, to learn, to love. Just as Jesus loves us.


momaof4 said...

Love this song....I just have to figure out to use YouTube!!

I love the part about the kids just wanting our time too....need to remember that.

Her Giant said...

Thanks for those encouraging, challenging words!

AngieG said...

Excellent post - love all the reminders. Thank you.

Alida said...

This is beautiful Danielle.