Thursday, December 13, 2007


Let's start with some finished projects:
Allyson's hat:

Mark's Hat:

Now to complete my list all I have left are:
1) Golf Club Covers for my in-laws
2) Thomas' Blanket
Then holiday knitting is done!:)

Here are some more pictures from out trip to San Diego:

Reading books with Papa:

Our trip to the fire station:

Friday morning in the hotel room:

Playing cards with Aunt Beth during our visit with Bom:

Cousin Chalese:

Our picture with Bom:


ChickideeLilly said...

I just think it is so cool that you've put so much time and effort in making awesome gifts for your family. They are so good! I can appreciate it even more because I know how much it takes to just do one. I hope to see you guys Sunday. = )

priscilla tilgner said...

i always enjoy pics thanks for sharing and taking the time to post them!
very nifty knitting there my dear!