Saturday, January 19, 2008

Update from Johnstonville

Hi All~
Long time no posts. Well here is an update from Johnstonville:
This year was a mix of emotions around the house. We were excited with Grandma, Papa and Uncle Jeff coming to visit us. But with the loss of three loved ones (my Uncle Fred "Turtle", my Aunt Lil & Grampie (Mark's grandfather)) this year made it very hard to get into the Christmas spirit, at least for the adults. Allyson and Thomas loved that everyone was at our house for Christmas. Grandma & Papa stayed with us until after the new year, they went home on Jan. 2. Uncle Jeff was only able to stay with us for a few days, he came on Christmas Eve and went home the day after Christmas. So Thomas had lots of fun going to pick up Uncle Jeff from PDX and bringing him back to the airport and checking out the planes as they came in.

Recapping for 2008 so far:
1/1: Enjoyed our last day with Grandma and Papa before they started their trek home to Oceanside, CA. And Allyson enjoyed her last day of winter break.
1/2: Grandma & Papa headed home early this morning, their goal was to be in Sacramento before stopping for the night (and they made it to Sacramento around 6:30pm). We got back into our regular schedule of school. In other words a break for me. Allyson had been out of school since the 19th of December.
1/3-1/10: Everything going smoothly. We got back onto our regular schedules of going to school and work. Allyson and Thomas learning new things in their classes.
1/11: Allyson came home from school really tired. About 2 hours after dinner she said that she did not feel good and her tummy hurt. Just before going to bed she threw up. So I laid out towels in her bedroom and got a trash can ready. Allyson and I spent most of the night in the bathroom. Thomas, Mark and my mom had a good night sleep.
1/12: Allyson finally feel asleep around 3am and slept until around 11am, when she woke she said she was feeling much better. We went and ran a few errands. Came home, had dinner and then we went to sleep. Around 11pm Thomas wakes up throwing up. I get him cleaned up and back to bed.
1/13: Thomas wakes up feeling just fine. So we start getting ready to come to church, and once again Allyson is throwing up again. So Mark and Thomas went to church and then to pick up some anti-nausea medicine for Allyson. While I stay home with Allyson and go around disinfecting the entire house. Allyson spent most of the day throwing up. By dinner time she was not able to keep fluids or food down. And she was really lethargic. She was finally able to sleep.
1/14: Allyson wakes up around 7am and says that she is thirsty, so I give her a small sip of water, and she immediately throws that right back up. At this point I was getting concerned because she was unable to keep water or ice chips down. I called Mark at work and said that we need to take a trip to urgent care. He came home from work around 9:30am and we took Allyson to urgent care, who then sent us to the ER, where we ended up staying until 7pm. They re hydrated Allyson and ran all sorts of tests on her and at 7pm we were admitted to the pediatric ward of Salem Hospital, where we stayed until 7:30pm on Tuesday 1/15.
1/15: We came home from the hospital.
And finally had a great night's sleep.
1/17: Mark comes home from work with the chills really bad, and really bad stomach cramps. My first thought was "Oh No, I hope we don't end up in the emergency room again." So Mark spent the night shaking with the chills uncontrollably for about 3 hours and then he was finally able to get warm and fall asleep around 2 am. For him I kept pushing fluids so he would stay hydrated, and not end up in the same boat as Allyson, he was able to keep his fluids down. The kids and I camped out downstairs, so that way Mark could rest.
1/18: We all stayed home today. And this morning Mark was feeling much better, he said that the cramping went away and that he was not so cold anymore. He was able to eat and keep food down.
1/19: Again we all stayed home to rest. Both Allyson and Mark are feeling much better.

So two cans of Lysol spray, one Costco size container of Pine Sol and 6 bottles of Pedialyte, 18 loads of laundry, I hope and pray that everyone is over this crazy stomach bug.

Hoping and praying that everyone else and their families are healthy!
Love and Hugs,


momaof4 said...

It all started so good!! I pray you are better. We missed you at MOPS, but now know why!

Sharon said...

Oh~sorry about all the yucky sickness! That's no fun at all! It sounds like you were the rock through it all~way to go! Glad everyone's feeling better!

Joshua & Valerie said...

Wow! What a week you guys had!!! I heard about poor little Allyson. Child dehydration can happen so quickly and it's scary!

I'm so glad things are going better. We missed you at MOPS and at church. :)

Ona said...

Your poor family. Hope you all stay healthy and I'll see you at the next MOPS.