Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three things this Thursday

1. It's funny once I start looking for patterns to make something for one kid, the other one always asks "What about me?" The other day I was looking for somethings to make for Thomas for his birthday, and Allyson asked "What are you going to make for me?" So this is what I made for her...Twirly Remix

I also did end up finding a few things to make for Thomas
1) Kiddie Cadet: It's an army shaped hat with a brim, when I saw the picture I knew he would love it!
2) He requested a knitted pillow with army man yarn to take to school for nap time. So I'm going to make him a cabled pillow.
3) He also requested a sweater with a hood, which I'm still looking for a pattern that is seamless...

2) We got another taste of winter here in Oregon, although to the rascals disappointment not enough snow to call school off and stay home and play in it, but the weather people did say we might get some more snow later on tonight...

3) Thank goodness we are all on the mend from being sick...Thomas has a sinus infection, we took him to the doctor last Friday since he was still running a fever and being extremely grumpy. And the doctor put him on antibiotics which he still has another 4 more days to take, but he is back to his usual happy go lucky self. And I have bronchitis and I'm on antibiotics too...and Allyson is getting over her cold as well. So I'm hoping by next week everyone is healthy once again.

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