Thursday, February 19, 2009

three things this thursday....

we are looking forward to is suppose to be in the high 50's with friday and saturday being in the 60's. the little rascals are so excited to go outside and ride their bikes and play with friends. but then come sunday it's suppose to start raining again... :(

1. i finished my february lady sweater was put on hold for a couple of weeks due to the little rascals being sick.

2. now that i'm finished with my sweater i need to jump on making thomas' birthday presents...he has asked if i could make him a hat, a sweater since i've made his sister 2 sweaters/cardigans, and a pillow to take to school for nap time. i have a little over a week to finish it all. his birthday is on february 28th.

3. and we need some prayers for a family in our church, the King family, you can find out more of their journey here.

hope that everyone is having a great thursday!!


~*Michelle*~ said...

I love the is so pretty! N wore a longer version to church today.....I wonder if you could make a version like that?

Lynds said...

Danielle!! You are doing the 3thingsthursday!!! Woot! I know, I can see this isn't your first time, I'm so behind in reading blogs. I hope to catch up tomorrow.

Yay on warm weather, bummer on the rain though. :(

Your sweater looks fantastic!! WTG! I look forward to seeing your upcoming knits for your son's birthday.

Team Johnston said...

Michelle~ I was going to make the sweater longer but I ran out of yarn, I will make this one again and am planning on making it longer.

Lynds~ I finished Thomas' hat a few days ago and now I'm working on his sweater, it is going pretty quick, I finished the hood last night and now working on the body. I'm hoping to be finished by his birthday.