Thursday, February 26, 2009

On this snowy Thursday...

1. Here is what we woke up too this morning...the little rascals thought that maybe they would get to stay home and play in it but they had to go to sad...:( for them...

Hopefully it won't melt too much before they come home, so they can play in it for a little bit...

2. I'm plugging along on Thomas' birthday presents...I finished two hats for him
This one is called Kiddie Cadet:

And this one is called Skater Baby: . And he wants to wear them already.
I'm still working on his hoodie sweater, I made the mistake of trying it on him with the knitting needles still attached and lost too many stitches to try and save it so I had to start all over again. But surprising it didn't take as long as I thought it would to redo. Pictures to come soon.

3. My next projects will be for St. Patrick's day...I'm going to make Allyson another twirly skirt with a variegated green yarn and we found her a really cute hair band with green braids to wear. For Thomas I'm going to make him a vest and another Skater baby hat out of a woodsy color yarn which has browns and greens running through it, so he can wear it again.

Happy Thursday! :)

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Lynds said...

Wow girl you knit like crazy fast! Those hats look great, the cadet one I want to make for my little man. Adds to the list of a million other projects I want to knit.

Yay on getting your projects to the side! Woot! So glad that link helped you out!

Did the kids get to play in the snow?